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Nissan Kicks Off “Altima Chase” Social Media Scavenger Hunt

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Nissan’s “Ride of Your Life” campaign, where mall patrons were invited to “unlock” a vault containing an Altima, has returned for a second year. However, this time, there’s a complication. This time, the Altima has apparently been stolen by a (fictitious) jealous fan called the Mastermind (who really looks a lot like Trinity from The Matrix).

The Mastermind

The new “Ride of Your Life” is called the “Altima Chase,” and will involve Nissan’s social media fans to track her down using clues left on social media over the course of three weeks. One diligent fan will win a 2015 Nissan Altima, and others are eligible to win cash or Altima-inspired gear.

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The new campaign has taken last year’s campaign and run with it, according to Jeremy Tucker, vice president, Marketing Communications and Media at Nissan. “‘The Altima Chase’ takes this year’s campaign to the next level,” he said.

The campaign began on May 11th and will run until the end of the month. Fans can solve clues on Nissan’s various social media or by visiting

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According the Nissan, the 2015 Altima is the centerpiece of its lineup. It’s offering five different models – four 2.5-liter engine versions, and one 3.5-liter V6.