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Nissan Opening Ladies First Dealerships in Tokyo

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ladies first dealershipsIn his speech to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Carlos Ghosn outlined four of the major pillars that he believes will create opportunity for the advent of Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technologies. One of these trends was the increasing purchase power of women and the proliferation of women in positions of influence in the automotive industry. To help cater toward the former and reflect the fact that 65 percent of all purchases made around the world are ultimately decided by women, Nissan has launched a number of Ladies First dealerships in Japan.

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The first of the Ladies First dealerships recently launched in the Tokyo suburb of Fuchu. Managed by women and offering a cleaner, less cluttered aesthetic, the intention of the dealership is to attract non-Nissan customers, specifically those decision-makers who so happen to be women.

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Ghosn says that the Fuchu pilot store will be the first of up to 300 stores in Japan, and that if the results are particularly good, there could be more Ladies First dealerships in other markets.

Nissan’s focus on the importance of women is particularly refreshing given their LEAF’s status as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle and a recent study that suggests women have been slower to adopt hybrid and electric technology because they may be overlooked in the manufacturing process.

Thus far, the Ladies First dealership has won over car buyers in Fuchu.

“The showroom is now much brighter than the previous version, ” said Nissan owner Hiroko Yamaguchi.

“I bought a Nissan LEAF, so it’s great that I can charge my EV here while I feed my baby, and older children can play in the kids’ corner. I like the atmosphere very much.”

Source: Global Nissan

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