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Nissan Licenses Autonomous Driving Tech to Hitachi

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Nissan Licenses Autonomous Driving Tech

Two of the major cogs in Nissan’s plans for Autonomous Drive by 2020—the Around View Monitor (AVM) and Moving Object Detection (MOD) technologies—are being licensed out to Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. for use in haul trucks and hydraulic excavators.

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It’s all very futuristic, exciting stuff. Don’t let the weird 1980s pseudo-surf rock in the video above fool you.

The use of AVM and MOD will enable workers to perform in environments that might otherwise be prone to accidents with less hesitation. Large haul trucks and excavators typically have poor visibility, so the use of AVM is as useful a tool for operators as the actual tools themselves are for industry. MOD will be able to detect workers moving in and around the area while the equipment is in use and issue warnings to the operator to make them aware of potential hazards, ensuring safety at worksites.

Nissan says that it will used profits culled from licensing AVM and MOD out to Hitachi toward furthering the technologies’ abilities and bringing itself close to the ultimate goal of fully autonomous production vehicles by the year 2020.

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