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Nissan Making Plans For Mitsubishi Motors

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Nissan and Mitsubishi Press Conference

Nissan’s plan to purchase 34% of Mitsubishi Motors is currently waiting on Nissan investigators to finish crawling through company records, looking for more potential scandals, and for the Japanese government to release its report on the known fuel efficiency scandal rocking Mitsubishi. While official paperwork is on hold, it seems as if rumors are still running wild around the car world as to the plans Nissan has for the disgraced company.

Mitsubishi’s president and vice president have both stepped down as part of the scandal, so Mitsubishi Motors will need new leadership to help lead the company past this misstep. Nissan has already been promised the power to nominate a third of the automaker’s board as part of the deal, and Reuters is suggesting that Nissan will have a very strong voice in the selection of a new leader. Mitsubishi Chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko will assume the role of president for now, but there are strong rumors that he will step down from all three roles once the deal with Nissan is finalized and secure.

Beyond the main leadership positions on Mitsubishi’s governing team, Nissan has just arranged for its global technology chief, Mitsuhiko Yamashita, to take the position of Mitsubishi’s tech boss. Technology is what got Mitsubishi into this efficiency mess, and fixing and improving technology on the company’s vehicles will help the automaker move on and succeed in the market.

Mr. Yamashita will take his place his place at Mitsubishi on June 24th. His Nissan resume includes developing all-electric vehicles and their support systems, and he was involved with electric car collaborations between Nissan, Ford, and Daimler AG. It’ll take an technology boss with that caliber of work to help pick Mitsubishi up off of its face after this spectacular fall.

News Source: Reuters