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Nissan Media Event Confirms New Titan, Maxima for Detroit Auto Show

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Nissan media event

Is this the face of the 2016 Maxima?

There was a big ol’ Nissan media event in Belle Meade, Tennessee this week. The event was held at a mansion that served as the set for the Nashville television series pilot, which demonstrates how clearly Nissan understands and appreciates a good bit of wordplay. They also understand how to satiate hungry journalists, as evidenced by providing media personalities access to their entire lineup and a number of prototypes and concepts.

“It’s a great opportunity to taste all of the cars in the lineup. It allows us in one day to test all of the cars. I get a really good idea of the capabilities, the handling, the ride, the quality, the workmanship of all of the cars in the lineup,” said Neil Vorano of Canada’s The Globe and Mail.

Vorano did not specifically mention just what the cars in Nissan’s lineup taste like, but it’s been rumored that about two-fifths of all Nissan vehicles taste of fennel.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit to come out of the Nissan media event emanated from Pierre Loing, Nissan’s VP of Product Planning:

“The all-new generations of the five core models that we have launched are very successful. You see that Rogue is on fire. You see Versa and Versa Note being leaders of their segment with over 20 percent market share. The 25 percent remaining starts with the new Murano. At the Detroit show, we’ll unveil the new Titan, and then the new Maxima,” said Loing.

While we’ve heard quite a bit of rumbling about the Titan being a lock for Detroit, the announcement of a new Maxima is somewhat surprising. It’s a fair bet that the next-gen Maxima will be heavily influenced by the Sport Sedan Concept that was revealed in Detroit this past January.

So we now know a bit of what to expect from Nissan in the early going of 2015. Hopefully the 2016 Maxima will be decked out in that same badass Strad Amber paintjob as its predecessor. We wonder what that tastes like (probably Clementines and pale ale).

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