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Nissan Motors Develops the Smart Rearview Mirror

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Nissan Smart Rearview Camera

Nissan Smart Rearview Camera

Nissan has announced the development of the Smart rearview mirror – the world’s first LCD monitor that provides clear visibility in numerous situations. Nissan’s Smart rearview mirror can easily be switched between LCD screen and traditional rearview mirror to provide the driver the control they need.  We can expect to see the Smart rearview mirror introduced at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

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The Smart rearview mirror appears at first glance to be just a regular rearview mirror, but a built-in LCD monitor can be activated in place of the conventional mirror. A high-resolution camera is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, allowing for an unobstructed view of everything behind the car, to include blind spots. The camera projects the clear image onto the LCD screen.

The Smart rearview mirror provides a crisp and clear image in a variety of environmental conditions including rain, snow, dawn, and dusk. Other obtrusions like a tall person or stacked luggage become a non-issue, and you won’t have to deal with the driver who has their brights on behind you.

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Nissan plans to implement the Smart rearview mirror in the ZEOD RC that is scheduled to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as other NISMO race cars.

In a recent Nissan news release, Shoichi Miyatani, NISMO’s president, comments, “Under the harsh driving conditions in the world of motorsports, retaining a clear view for the race driver is of utmost importance. In that sense, the Smart rearview mirror will be a powerful tool for our Nissan NISMO drivers. Also, we have high expectations towards improving the cars’ aerodynamic design, thanks to the Smart rearview mirror, thereby expanding the possibilities of race cars to a new level.”

Look for Nissan’s Smart rearview mirror to be available globally in 2015.