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Nissan NV200T Taxicab Revamps NYC Taxi Fleet

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Gone are the Yellow Checker cabs that were once so prevalent on the streets of New York City. Now, a new kid’s in town with the introduction of the Nissan NV200T taxicab, which is now in service. The cab, which was initiated into the NYC taxi fleet on October 23 with its inaugural trip, represents Nissan’s commitment to provide New Yorkers with the most innovative, custom-designed taxi experience yet.

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“The Nissan NV200T demonstrates the company’s leadership in advancing global mobility through modern vehicle design and technology,” said Andy Palmer, executive vice president for Nissan Motor Company. “From its fuel-efficient powertrain, to its space-saving design and passenger-centric interior, the Nissan taxi is a prime example of innovative spirit that goes into all Nissan vehicles. We are excited to see the NV200T now carrying passengers around Manhattan, and look forward to bringing the same NV200T experience to drivers and passengers in new markets outside New York.”

Some of the features that truly demonstrate Nissan’s innovative spirit can be seen in the taxi’s transparent roof, which gives riders views of a variety of sights and skyscrapers, the mobile charging ports for passengers, overhead reading lights, and independently controlled rear air conditioning. With these types of features, we think it’s safe to say good-bye to the smelly, old taxi cab experience!

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