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Nissan Offers a Look at Truck Production

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All-new Nissan TITAN XD full-size pickup production begins at Canton

Nissan might be a Japanese company, but many of its vehicles sold in the United States are made here, too. The Nissan Titan lineup has actually always been built in Canton, Mississippi, since it was introduced to the market in 2003. As part of the “Year of the Truck” and the overall push to make its truck offerings more prominent, Nissan is offering a behind-the-scenes look at how the Nissan Titan, in particular the Nissan Titan XD, is built.

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From sheet metal to the finished truck, almost everything to do with these vehicles is manufactured in the massive Canton facility. Each truck takes about 45 minutes to be stamped, followed by about 19 hours of assembly. The body and the box are built separately, brought together to paint and outfit with trim, and then finally joined with the engine and chassis. Every Nissan model made at the plant has to have all of its systems checked, and then it takes a test drive out on the track to listen for any rattles or other weird noises.

Take a look at the video for yourself, if only to hear the fabulous Titan theme song at the end of the video (we promise it will get stuck in your head).

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According to the video, the staff members of the Canton plant are very excited for the upcoming Nissan Titan models, frankly because it’s something completely different than what they have been building. We hope that this video will show to the American public that an automaker doesn’t have to originally be from the United States to build truly American cars.