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Nissan Paint Prank Tests Self-Cleaning LEAF, Bystander Patience

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Nissan is rolling out its self-cleaning Nissan LEAF once again, this time for a series of YouTube videos falling under the banner of “The Nissan Paint Prank.”

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The video is pure slapstick—two shlubby painters clumsily spill paint all over a pretty white Nissan LEAF and take the opportunity to blame passersby for it. It has occasion to get hostile, and one guy even bolts off to make a clean getaway before eventually being told that he’s all part of a candid camera stunt.

“The LEAF is already one of the cleanest vehicles around even without this incredibly innovative paint technology; that said, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty to take this to the next level,” said Pierre Loing, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc. “Getting fans involved via this social media campaign is a fun, creative way to show how the LEAF can stay clean no matter how dirty the world around it may be. A marriage with the Ultra-Ever Dry® exterior coating truly puts this LEAF in a league of its own, and we’re excited to see where this technology can take us.”

Nissan Paint Prank

A scene from The Nissan Paint Prank

Nissan is simultaneously running an Instagram campaign called “Guess the Mess,” which features short video clips of some indeterminate substance being poured onto the self-cleaning LEAF. It also gives Instagrammers the opportunity to ask “Will It Stick?” with regards to substances like peanut butter and jelly, eggs, and pumpkin pie.

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