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Nissan Partners With Emotional Environmentalist

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Henry, the “Emotional Environmentalist” Nissan LEAF

Have you seen the viral video of Henry the Emotional Environmentalist? Six-year old Henry Marr was so upset by what he saw when his class watched a video about pollution that he cried all the way home. His mother took a video of him explaining why he was so upset and uploaded it to Facebook. The poor crying student’s anger about how “rude” humans are “wrecking the planet” got national news coverage and millions of views. The attention motivated Henry to start creating content as the Emotional Environmentalist on Facebook and YouTube. He has even written a book called Enjoy the Planet, Don’t Wreck It.

Nissan was very impressed by the pint-sized preservationist, and decided to help him take his conservation efforts to the next level. The team at Nissan wanted Henry to see how cool electric cars are, while still being great for the environment, so they took a Nissan LEAF and decorated it with Henry’s drawings. The car delivery was a surprise for the boy, and he was very excited.

Henry’s family is lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest corridor of charging stations, so longer journeys will be a breeze. Henry’s family also has a home charging station, and his dad can drive it and charge it at his workplace.

We’re sure that Henry and his family will have a great time cruising around in this eco-friendly car. The zero emissions are sure to make Henry smile at the very least! If you want to follow the family’s adventures, look for the hashtag #HenrysLEAF on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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