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Nissan Protects Fishermen With Car Technology

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As Nissan has been developing self-driving car technology, the automaker has created many different safety features to monitor vehicles, including the impact the environment has on them. Instead of keeping the technology to itself in the automotive world, it has used the systems to create a tool to help protect Spanish fishermen called Percebeiro Shield.

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In the Galicia region of northern Spain, fishermen hunt for barnacles, called percebe. Gathering these delicacies is difficult because they grow along rocks and the fishermen have to collect them as waves crash against the rocks and the coast. These special fishermen, called percebeiros, are constantly in danger of being struck by waves and knocked underwater. Another tech firm, called Glassworks, and the Spanish National Research Council worked with Nissan to develop the Percebeiro Shield to keep these specialists safe.

When a percebeiro (or groups of percebeiros) head to the coast to hunt for percebes, they leave the main computer of the Percebeiro Shield a distance away, safe from the waves and any tides. The percebeiros then wear a wetsuit to allow the Shield to communicate with them when they are out on the rocks. The device on land then monitors the waves and lets the percebeiros know if a strong wave is coming by lighting up LEDs on the suit and making a sound. The pattern combination of LEDs and beeps lets the fishermen know what kind of wave is approaching so they can prepare themselves. Finally, a vibration goes off in the suit on the percebeiro’s back as the wave reaches the shore. If everything fails and the fisherman ends up in the water, the computer will call the authorities for a rescue.

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This system is a really great way for Nissan to give back in the countries that buy its cars. We hope that Nissan can use the technology to protect workers in other similar industries.

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