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Did Nissan Really Just Develop a Self-Cleaning Car?

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In what might possibly be the first relevant New Girl reference on a car blog, I’d like to just put it out there that I am every bit as cheap as Nick Miller and thus rarely* spend the money to take my car to a car wash.


Nick Miller needs self-cleaning car

I might add that, also like Nick Miller, I am incredibly lazy and have no intention of washing my car myself.

Nick Miller needs self-cleaning car

As an auto writer, I understand that, for many reasons, I definitely should be washing my car, but I just don’t. That’s why I think that Nissan’s self-cleaning car prototype is the most magical thing since Quidditch. Check it out:

Reportedly, Nissan Europe has launched tests on this innovative paint technology that miraculously repels mud, water, and dirt. The paint, described as super-hydrophobic and oleophobic, was specially engineered and will be tested on the Note over the next few months at Nissan Technical Centre Europe. This marks the first time that an automaker has used the technology, called Ultra-Ever Dry®, to attempt to produce a self-cleaning car.

self-cleaning car - nissan note

One side of the Note was treated and the other was not. You can really see the difference the paint makes.

Somehow (again, this is magic), Nissan has created a protective layer of air between the paint and the outside world that stops most water/road spray from ever leaving their evil marks on the Note. At this point in the game, however, Nissan has made no plans for the technology to become standard, but there is a place for it in the aftermarket realm in the future.

self-cleaning car - nissan note

“The Nissan Note has been carefully engineered to take the stress out of customer driving, and Nissan’s engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make families’ lives easier,” said Geraldine Ingham, Chief Marketing Manager for Nissan Note, wherein “make families’ lives easier” means “strive until they can go to the bathroom in bed and never have to see the sun again.” Ingham added, “We are committed to addressing everyday problems our customers face and will always consider testing exciting, cutting edge technology like this incredible coating application.”

Nissan develops first self-cleaning car prototype

Now if Nissan could just get me a self-cleaning house to go along with my self-cleaning car, and maybe a self-cooking oven, I’d be golden.

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