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Nissan Rolls Out Royal Baby Tweet With the Quickness

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Royal Baby TweetGiven its motorsport heritage and the abundant awesomeness of the GT-R, Nissan is well known for speed. Nowhere was this more clearly exemplified than it was on Monday when, within seven minutes of the announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting another child, Nissan’s marketing wizards whipped up this little number and posted it to Twitter:

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Whoever was in charge of that one really ought to be getting a raise. That’s how you capitalize on social media, ladies and gentlemen.

So how did Nissan get their Royal Baby tweet up so quickly? It turns out they simply followed their noises, threw an image together, and stowed it for a rainy day (and here’s where one might make a joke about rain in England, but nope, not gonna do it).

“We spotted the trend for Royal Baby when the last rumors started mid-July and created a piece ready to go at that time,” said David Parkinson, head of social for Nissan in Europe, told Adweek. “As it happened, the rumor was never confirmed, so we kept the piece in our back pocket. It was with our media agency, [Manning Gottlieb] OMD, ready to go as soon as it was [confirmed].”

That’s snap decision-making right there. We now eagerly await the tweet where Prince George is photoshopped behind the wheel of a gold-plated GT-R bestowed upon him for his next royal birthday.

"Yeah, yeah, giant plush bear, but where's the horsepower?"  Source: HelenOnline/Wikipedia

“Yeah, yeah, giant plush bear, but where’s the horsepower?” Source: HelenOnline/Wikipedia

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