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Nissan Sells 50,000th LEAF in United States

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Nissan Sells 50,000th LEAF in United States

Todd and Lisa Bolt of Dallas bought the 50,000th Nissan LEAF sold in the US

Todd and Lisa Bolt of Dallas, Texas recently made the decision to purchase a Nissan LEAF electric car. The choice seemed simple enough—the executive pastor at the Gateway Church where they are both employed determined that the LEAF was the most economically-sound choice, and more than 20 other employees followed in the pastor’s footsteps. What the couple hadn’t bargained for when they drove off a dealership lot with their new LEAF? That it would wind up being the 50,000th model sold in the United States.

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“Beyond the simple economics of not buying gas, we’ve been impressed with how well the LEAF drives,” Todd told Nissan’s newsroom. “When we show the LEAF off to family and friends, they’re surprised that the car is so quiet and rides so well. The LEAF does everything we need day-to-day, and given the financial savings, I don’t know why we’d buy another gas car.”

Nissan Sells 50,000th LEAF in United States

The LEAF has become particularly popular in Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area thanks to Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” program, which provides for two years of zero-cost public EV charging to all new LEAF buyers.

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All told, Nissan has sold 115,000 LEAFS since its launch and stands as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. In that time, the LEAF is estimated to have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 83,000,000 kilograms over the course of more than 285,000,000 miles driven in the United States. By comparison, a forest would need 9 million trees in order to process the amount of CO2 emissions saved globally (133 million kg) by the LEAF.

Nissan Sells 50,000th LEAF in United States