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Nissan Sets Sales Record in Europe

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The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales in Nissan’s Sunderland UK Plant

2015 was a good year for Nissan in Europe. The automaker rolled out three big reveals, and continued to build vehicles in its Barcelona and Sunderland plant. This week, Nissan announced that the goodwill it built up paid off, with 2015 being its best-ever European sales year.

According to Nissan, 715,623 vehicles were sold in Europe last year, with 61,823 of those vehicles being sold just in December. The Nissan badge itself commands 4% of Europe’s car market, and when combined with Datsun it holds sway over 4.2%.  Nissan also has the honor of being the bestselling Asian brand on the continent.

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Several crossover vehicles saw significant sales increases: the Qashqai, X-Trail (similar to the Nissan Rogue), and the Juke.  The Nissan Pulsar, which rolls out of the Nissan plant in Spain, saw a 50% sales increase over its 2014 numbers.

On the EV side of Nissan, the Nissan LEAF continued to lead its competitors in the segment, selling more than 15,000 vehicles. Nissan expects that number to rise in 2016 as it rolls out a new 30KWh Nissan LEAF to dealership showrooms.

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To round out last year’s good news, the automaker announced that its facility in Sunderland UK built more than 400,000 vehicles. Not only is that a lot of cars, but that makes the Nissan plant the most productive car plant in the whole United Kingdom.

After a record-breaking 2015, we can only hope that things get even better for the Japanese automaker in Europe.