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Nissan Supports #DonateAWheelchair Campaign

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Nissan contributed five wheelchairs to the Barkzz Foundation’s #DonateAWheelchair campaign in South Africa.
Photo: Nissan

In support of the Barkzz Foundation’s #DonateAWheelchair fundraising campaign, Nissan contributed five wheelchairs to individuals in need living in or near Pretoria, South Africa.

According to Nissan, the Barkzz Foundation “advocates for the social integration of people with disabilities,” and the goal of the #DonateAWheelchair effort is to collect 200 wheelchairs and share them with disabled people across South Africa who are not currently affiliated or supported by disability centers.

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“The campaign is based on the idea that people with disabilities have as much potential to contribute to society as physically abled people when platforms are put in place for them to access the same opportunities,” reported Nissan in a statement.

As reported by Nissan, “It is our hope that through this initiative we will be able to fulfill our brand promise of enhancing the lives of others and help to empower these individuals to make meaningful contributions to their community,” said Keba Matlhako, senior manager, BBBEE, ED and CSR Corporate Affairs.

In addition to the donation of the five wheelchairs directly to the individuals at their homes, Nissan also transported representatives of the Barkzz Foundation to and from each drop off location, an activity which presented a greater opportunity for family and community engagement.

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Participating in this wheelchair donation campaign for people in need fits nicely with Nissan’s corporate vision “to enrich the lives of others through a strong focus on mobility, community and sustainability.”

Nissan is also committed to its environmental policy, “A Symbiosis of People, Vehicles and Nature,” which aims to create a society that is completely mobile and sustainable.

News Source: Nissan