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Nissan Supports Reverse Graffiti Project in U.K.

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Reverse Graffiti

The result of Reverse Graffiti made with the help of the Nissan LEAF

Graffiti art is frequently stigmatized as something unseemly and dirty, which is quite unfortunate given the potential that the art from has to inspire others. A man by the name of Moose (we assume this is not his given name unless his parents were utter masochists) is looking to help reverse that stigma with a form of graffiti that actually produces art through cleaning.

The process, called reverse graffiti, requires a high-pressure jet washer or wire brush to clean dirt away from surfaces. Moose recently teamed with Nissan, who supplied a LEAF EV and a portable device that used its battery’s energy to power the artist’s jet washer, in order to create an intricate mural of various U.K. landmarks in the subway at Station’s Approach, Waterloo.

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“I’ve been using reverse graffiti for fifteen years now – in fact I named it,” said Moose. “My whole ethos is about highlighting the amount of pollution we endure daily using a very positive harmless method that never fails to ask questions about what we accept and what we shouldn’t accept in our environment. For these reasons I was keen to be involved in this project.

“Electric cars and alternative fuelling systems provide the brightest future we’ve ever known in the history of the automotive industry in terms of protecting our environment,” added Moose. “It’s a pleasure to be given the opportunity to create public art in this way, and I’m very pleased with the iconic simplicity of the mural and its message.”

Reverse Graffiti

The man they call Moose

The mural is on display now and features Moose’s depiction of famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Battersea Power Station, and The London Eye.

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