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Nissan Thanks Competition in New Ad

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Sometimes the world of car advertising can be brutal, with brands often calling out their competitors as inferior (or even dangerous). Nissan has decided to take a different path in the latest commercial for the all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD.

The ad itself is pretty mushy, portraying the relationships between parents and children, coaches and players, siblings, and kids and their heroes. Called “Shoulders of Giants,” the voiceover continues to discuss whose footsteps we follow in to become the people we are today.

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In the last third of the ad, each of the heroes heads towards old trucks, and the narrator solemnly reads “Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge,” before thanking them for going before Nissan and lighting the way. The commercial’s last shot is of a triumphant Nissan Titan XD roaring out of a rustic barn and hitting the road, presumably toward adventure.

The three truck brands mentioned in the ad pride themselves on being all-American, and Nissan steps up to the plate with the end card of the commercial. There, the truck is called the American Titan, and lists the states where the truck was designed, engineered, tested, and more.

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Check out the commercial, which runs long at a minute and a half, below.

It remains to be seen if this commercial is just the opening move in a vicious battle towards the more established truck brands, or the start of a mushy love affair with American tradition.