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Nissan Trolls Kim Kardashian With Tweet Mocking Paper Cover

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Nissan trolls Kim Kardashian

Break the Internet, will ya?

Professional celebrity/not very likeable person Kim Kardashian recently posed for the cover of Paper magazine, which set out to “break the internet” with the resulting image of the world’s most famous ass…and also Kim Kardashian’s ample buttocks. (zing!)

Nissan, who preys on this kind of stuff thanks to a Twitter team that managed to roll out a tweet regarding the next Royal Baby seven minutes after an announcement was made, wasn’t having it. They threw down the gauntlet, so to speak, launching this tweet in return:

We believe that the only adequate way to respond to this is: Day-um!

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Resting a glass of champagne on the ample rear spoiler of a 2015 Nissan GT-R was a jab at the more safe-for-work cover, which you can see here:

Nissan trolls Kim Kardashian

Oh, we get it. Because she has a large butt. Huh. So is that, like, the only thing she does? Just have a butt?

Ah well.

Nice going, Nissan. You may not have broken the internet, but you won our hearts.

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