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Nissan’s Friend-Me Concept Amazes with Style, Tech

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Friend-ME Concept

A common addition to 21st century social vernacular has been “are you on Facebook?”  With the daring new Friend-Me Concept that debuted at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan is looking to make “yes, and so is my car” a perfectly acceptable answer.

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From the outside, the Friend-Me Concept screams futuristic styling with wraparound windows, floating roof, and an extremely stylized profile that can in no way be confused with any of Nissan’s competitors.

Where the Friend-Me Concept really shines is on the inside (kind of like what your mother always told you), where a cabin-length center console delivers information and entertainment via touchscreen interface available to passengers in both front and back.

The touchscreen console is styled to allow passengers to connect and communicate via internet and access real-time vehicle diagnostic information, allowing for a fully-connected and futuristic riding experience.  A promotional video shows the Friend-Me Concept zooming around through what appears to be a futuristic city.  We are just thankful that it looks more utopic than the en vogue post-apocalyptic zombie-infested landscapes we have come to accept as our very near future.

Part experiment in design language, part field test for future-thinking technological interface, all awesomeness, the Nissan Friend-Me Concept is certainly a sight worth beholding.  We can only hope that Nissan plans to incorporate some of the Friend-Me’s style points into future vehicles.  We would certainly like that idea with the appropriate thumbs up icon.

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