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No Joke: Lincoln Announces Collaboration with Fellow Barber

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Lincoln teaming with Fellow Barber

Whenever an automotive brand announces a new program or initiative on April Fool’s Day, there is cause enough to believe that it is merely an attempt to pull the proverbial wool over one’s eyes. Fortunately, one does not have the same kind of trepidation when Lincoln announces a collaboration with Fellow Barber salons located in New York and San Francisco, as they did earlier today.

This is not necessarily because the idea of being able to receive complimentary barber service isn’t really all that great a gag (unless the joke was that, say, these locations were only giving out complimentary high-top fades or old man haircuts), but because Lincoln is such a humorless brand that they took a goofy commercial about Matthew McConaughey talking to dogs and somehow spun it into an opportunity to call the Navigator “a protector.”

Lincoln announced aforesaid collaboration with Fellow Barber as the latest facet of its Lincoln Black Label program. Through April, any current Lincoln Black Label customer can visit one of the five Fellow Barber salons between New York and San Francisco to receive a complimentary grooming treatment. Fellow Barber’s shops can be found in New York in West Village, Williamsburg, and SoHo; San Francisco locations include Mid-Market and Mission District.

“Lincoln’s brand philosophy is a natural fit with Fellow Barber’s passion for executing the details and delivering a high-quality experience,” said Sam Buffa, Fellow Barber founder. “Lincoln Black Label strongly resonates with the Fellow Barber customer. Each interior design treatment presents the vehicle in a unique and authentic way—much like the way we style our clients to express who they are. We are excited to take part in Lincoln Black Label membership privileges and welcome customers to our salons.”

Apparently, pretentiousness is like a contagion when it comes to working with Lincoln. It’s like a zombie virus or something. Actually, THAT might have been a halfway decent April Fool’s article: “Breaking News: Outbreak of Pretentiousness Cripples Half of Eastern Seaboard; Infected Said to Be Driving Lincolns and Comparing Them to Fine Art.”

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