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Norman Reedus Glitter Prank is the Stuff of Nightmares

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The Walking Dead Glitter

The specks all over this image is glitter getting EVERYWHERE

Loyal fans of The Walking Dead should know all about the prank war between Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (who portrays Rick Grimes). It all started when Reedus put a prank license plate on Lincoln’s car, and has escalated to elaborate pranks like trailers full of chickens (once again masterminded by Reedus). But the latest prank in the war is truly chilling.

If you’re wondering what could make a prank so terrible, the answer is glitter. The herpes of craft supplies, glitter always scatters on upholstery and on bodies so that even when you think you have cleaned up the mess, there are little pieces glimmering at you from their hiding spaces. It’s such a terrible art supply that there are services that send glitter bombs, envelopes and letters filled with glitter, to your enemies.

Glitter in the Great Gatsby

That poor woman

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In his latest prank, Norman Reedus gained access to Andrew Lincoln’s car and loaded the vents with glitter. That’s right, he basically turned the Ford’s air conditioner, essential where the show films in Georgia, into a giant glitter cannon. Take a look at the aftermath in the video below, but be careful, there’s a bit of adult language (as is appropriate following something like that).

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Since this is a prank war, Lincoln was determined to get Reedus back. At The Walking Dead’s panel at San Diego Comic Con, Lincoln told the crowd all about the terrible prank and how much mocking he received because of it. In an attempt to humiliate him, Lincoln pulled out a handful of glitter and blew it in Reedus’s face. While the attack was a surprise, it was slightly less successful than planned because Lincoln ended up with glitter all over his hands and in his beard.

You can see the revenge at Comic Con below, with clean language thanks to the convention’s strict language rules.

Class, what did we learn today? Glitter is very, very bad, and it hurts [the dignity of] everyone involved. Anyone that uses it needs to be prepared for the backlash.

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