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Norway Considering Ban on Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

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Gas-Powered Cars Banned in Norway

Vehicles like this truck could soon be banned from Norway’s roads

Norway is known for its breathtaking natural landscape and cosmopolitan cities—and now, it’s known for taking a giant leap in eco-friendly driving. The Scandinavian country is on its way to becoming one of the first countries to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicle sales.

According to a report from Digital Trends, four major Norwegian political parties are behind new laws that will ban gasoline-powered cars starting in 2025.

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This legislation is the definition of ironic, since Norway is known as a major oil producer. In fact, the Scandinavian country is the third-largest natural gas exporter in the world. With the export of oil and natural gas representing 39% of the country’s total export value, the move towards an electric vehicle-only outlook kind of makes you go:

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But when you think of the fact that the majority of Norway’s oil, which is mostly exported to Germany, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, is used for heating homes, factories, and office buildings—not for powering automobiles—it makes a bit more sense.

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The move towards putting only all-electric vehicles on the road in Norway isn’t terribly revolutionary. Currently, 24% of the new vehicles sold in this country are powered by electricity. This is the highest percentage in the world, which makes the concept of driving only eco-friendly vehicles much more fathomable that in would be in, say, the United States.

Norway isn’t the only country that is considering a ban on gas-powered vehicles. The Netherlands also has proposals to stop gas-powered car sales by 2025 and India is considering an electric car-only approach by 2030. Despite the fact that Norway isn’t the only country with this type of legislation waiting to be approved, it is likely that the Scandinavian country will be the first to actually pass it.

And hopefully, when the legislation goes into effect, there will be more all-electric vehicle options available than the current lineup.

News Source: Digital Trends