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NV200: “Taxi of the Future” Begins Production, Appears in NYC

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Taxis of the Future

With the future firmly in mind and in their sights, Nissan has begun production on its “Taxi of Tomorrow” ahead of a scheduled Halloween launch.   The NV200 is being built in Cuernavaca, Mexico and is something of a callback to the Checker cabs of yore.

A report from Bowery Boogie has already spotted one of the Nissan NV200s driving eastbound on Delancey in New York City, plastered with decals to notify potential fares that the vehicle was merely for test.

Once the proper rollout begins, the NV200 will be equipped with a wealth of customer-minded amenities, including panoramic sunroof; standard outlet and 2 USB ports; anti-bacterial, non-stick seats; passenger reading lights; and additional luggage utility.  In addition, the NV200 can be built as an EV, which will help to decrease both gridlock pollution and the actual cost of taking a cab.

The Nissan “Taxi of the Future” should officially begin taking fares around this Halloween.  While 1997 may have come and gone without New York turning into a maximum security prison, the NV200 would have made a great mode of transport for Snake Plissken’s futuristic mission to save the president.  We’re just glad it’s nothing at all like a Johnny Cab.