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Of Course Cadillac Isn’t Dropping the Escalade

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2016 Cadillac Escalade silver

Cadillac has made it abundantly clear that the Escalade is not going anywhere, regardless of how it fits into its brand-wide reimagining. Quite simply, the Escalade pulls in too much money and has too much prestige to disappear—not even in name only—and so it not only will continue to be a presence in the Cadillac lineup, but it will only become greater if it changes at all.

Detroit Free Press caught up with Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen, who was said to have literally snorted at the idea of dropping the Escalade from the lineup. He said that, if anything, the Escalade will become a greater point of focus. After all, the more expensive the Escalade is, the more profit Cadillac will rake in. What it will not do: veer from one of the aspects that makes the Escalade stand out.

“The Escalade must become more sophisticated and technically advanced, more detail oriented” he said. “We can do all that with a body-on-frame architecture.”

The next-gen Escalade will no doubt include a number of new bells and whistles that will have people coming out to buy it in droves. There very well could wind up being a $100,000 model, or even a V-Series variant. Just don’t expect it to deviate too much from the formula. If it ain’t broke…

News Source: Detroit Free Press