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Of Course There’s a Bicycle Version of the BMW M2 Coupe

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BMW M2 Bike

BMW really is going to milk the M2 for all that it’s got. The vehicle is selling so well that delivery dates being given to customers are already well into 2017, and there are rumors running wild that the car is already sold out in several markets. The brand has even launched a new interactive ad campaign with one of today’s most popular supermodels. Basically, BMW wants you to dream about this vehicle until you succumb and order one for yourself.

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To add to the pile of things BMW is doing to tempt M2 buyers, the automaker recently announced a high-tech bicycle modeled after the BMW M2 for sale in Europe. You read that right: A bicycle. Called the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition, it is painted the same bright blue color, dubbed “Long Beach Blue”, as the official tint of the real car. BMW used its motorcycle experience to sculpt the body of the bike, and is built to be perfect both on smooth trails and steep hills.

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Only 1,500 of these bikes will be built, so M2 fans need to act fast to add it to their collections. It is also serving as a way for BMW to introduce drivers to the BMW bike collection, which has been refreshed for this year with two new models and a smaller bike for kids. Not many BMW customers know that BMW has been building its own bike lineup for more than 60 years. To learn more about BMW’s bikes, visit BMW’s official accessory shop.