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Oh, Hey, a $1.5M Diamond-Encrusted Ford Escape

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diamond-encrusted Escape

If there’s a sales pitch for Jennings Ford Direct’s mind-bogglingly ridiculous promotion, it would go something like this:

Hi there! Do you have £1 million or more to spend on a new vehicle and a Valentine’s Day present for your sweetheart? Are you also just a little bit dense and incredibly, incredibly bad with your money? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you—a diamond-encrusted Ford Escape.

It’s not hard to imagine what inspired the UK dealership to offer a vehicle that is covered in more than one million diamonds and Swarovski crystals—the answer we’re looking for here is publicity—but what does prove a difficult question to answer is why they chose the Escape above all other Ford models for this particular endeavor.

If you want to buy this little number for Valentine’s Day, you’ll need $1.5 million USD. You’re also going to need at least $155,250 USD in-hand for your deposit, and for five years thereafter, you can expect to make monthly payments of about $34,000 USD.

Alternatively, if you live in the UK and are considering a diamond-covered Ford Escape, perhaps you might consider taking that money that you would pay every month for five years and instead buying a new 2015 Mustang GT Convertible every two months and donating the money you have leftover to charity. Or you could just buy a regular Ford Escape, give a bunch of money to charity, and feel much better about yourself. To be sure, the world would probably feel a whole lot better about you.