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Ohio ‘No K9 Left Behind’ Program Aims to Keep Police Dogs Safe from Hot Cars

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Ohio ‘No K9 Left Behind’ Program Aims to Keep Police Dogs Safe from Hot Cars

The Twinsburg PD uses a “No K9 Left Behind” program to protect police K9s

Near the end of last month, I sounded off against the injustice of the law when Corporal Josh Coleman of the Gulf Shores Police Department was not charged with anything after killing three-year-old police dog, Mason, by leaving him locked inside a hot police car. I am much happier to report today that here in my home state of Ohio, a police department in a little town called Twinsburg has its own “No K9 Left Behind” program installed in its K9 unit vehicle to keep its police dog, Yasso, safe from the heat.

Ohio ‘No K9 Left Behind’ Program Aims to Keep Police Dogs Safe from Hot Cars

Yasso, the world’s most adorable police dog

The Twinsburg Police Department has long been working to keep police dogs cool in hot weather; detection units have been built into each patrol car that carries a police K9 since 1996. But the latest addition to one of the patrol vehicles is an AceK9, Hot-N-Pop unit programmed with “No K9 Left Behind” for ultimate protection.

What does this entail? It starts off with sensors that constantly scan the temperature and send readings to officers, including Yamil Encarnacion, who works with the German-born Yasso. In addition, should the car’s air conditioning fail, the system will automatically roll down the car’s windows and turn on a fan. And when this happens, Encarnacion and other officers are notified instantly via a remote, no matter how far away they are from the car. Using this remote, the officers can then open the door to remove the dog, and the car will shut down completely once the dog is out.

Ohio ‘No K9 Left Behind’ Program Aims to Keep Police Dogs Safe from Hot Cars

The “No K9 Left Behind” program on the AceK9, Hot-N-Pop system sends constant temperature readings to officers

It sounds like a pretty nifty system to ensure the survival of the dedicated police dogs in Twinsburg. And, the best part, it was paid for with cash that Encarnacion obtained during a drug bust that Yasso led; the courts gave the money back to the department following the trial to update the Ford for Yasso’s protection.

Ohio ‘No K9 Left Behind’ Program Aims to Keep Police Dogs Safe from Hot Cars

The windows will roll down when the AC shuts off, and the officers can immediately open the door via a remote

It’s unfortunate that such a system was not in place for Mason, but it’s reassuring to know that, as technology advances, we are not leaving our four-legged friends behind.

News Source: ABC 5 Cleveland

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  • Enough is enough

    Thanks for the article and update! It’s a start, now we need all county’s to do this. Rip Mason

  • kbhart

    Great job caring for your K-9.

  • SCSZ

    This is great news and I hope that very soon all police vehicles with K-9 units will have this installed very shortly. Mason, as law enforcement already knows, was not the first or only K-9 that died inside of a hot vehicle within the last year. There have been quite a few in several states.

    I would hope however, Mason will be that last. I also hope that officers will be checking on their K-9 partners, and not always completely relying on the belief that their air conditioning is still running several hours later. Or, even worse, just “forgetting” that their K-9 partners have been left in vehicles for countless hours. Not even checking on them.

    Fortunately, most officers are far more responsible, but there should not be even a few officers who do this, and then not receive any punishment. Any dog handler that views their K-9 partner so casually, should not be a dog handler.

    Perhaps part of becoming a K-9 Handler, each person should be put in a car for at least an hour fully clothed in 80 degree or above heat, with no air conditioning or windows cracked to experience what it is like. Of course they will never experience the torturous pain a K-9 or any dog will have when their organs start shutting down from heat exhaustion.

  • joe mattera

    great work guys

  • Margaret Sharp

    This sounds like something that supposedly recently failed in a Stockton, California police vehicle, in which the dog died.

    • Margaret Sharp

      To the person who replied to me but whose comment doesn’t show up: There are multiple reports in the media about the Stockton event. Some have more detail than others. The first news report I saw on television did say the vehicle had what sounds like a similar system. The story I linked sounds like it did, too. Other reports just say the air conditioning failed.

  • Kelly A. Brown


  • Carol Geyer

    What great idea! this really shows how conscientious officers and their superiors feel about their partners.

  • Susan Cook

    Love this new technology for the k-9’s!!! R.I.P. Mason…


  • lauren lewis

    This is an amazing piece of technology. All police K~9 units should be forced to implement them. Maybe one day something can be mass~produced for a reasonable price that parents can buy to keep children from suffering the same fate as Mason and all the children who have been left in cars.

  • Andrew

    unfortunatey, no man made system can replace common sense, and not leaving a dog unattended and relying on man made items to make sure it does not die in a hot car should be common sense, this should not be needed

  • Andrew

    Anyone who would leave a dog in a car with it running and the ac on and walk away unattended is a fool, hot n pop system or no hot n pop system . I do not care what anyone thinks, this is a reverse way to think, lets leave the dogs in the car and rely on technology, that sometimes fails, to keep them from dying of heat exhaustion. Not smart in any way, that is a stupid idea and more dogs are going to die because of it existing , based upon the fact that officers will leave dogs by themselves and rely on the system to work. It has already failed. this is what happens when the world gets more ignorant.