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Oil Your Muscles and Speak in a Growly Voice, Because You Can Rent Xander Cage’s Pontiac GTO

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As “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” plays in theaters across the country (and potentially gets me in trouble for not writing out the full title when Googling it at work), whether you like the movie or think it’s the normal dumb stuff there is one thing that everyone can agree on: that Pontiac GTO is awesome.

Return of Xander Cage Pontiac GTO

Picture: Turo

And, if you live somewhere around LA, you can rent the crazy thing from unique car rental company Turo.

Turo lists a few of its unique features, including:

An ejectable roof, in case you need to get out of a tight situation (sorry, her top’s already been blown off… think of it as free air conditioning)

A flame thrower in the hood scoop, for when bridges need to be burned

An arsenal of weapons behind the back seat, should your trick require a rocket launcher

Rocket-launching headlights, in case you need moar rockets

The baddest paint job around — is it blue? Is it black? Is it purple? Yes. So much yes.

Seriously, though, this car is the creation of Eddie Paul Customs and John Frazier Special Effects, and was actually used for shooting a flamethrower from the hood scoop.

Return of Xander Cage Pontiac GTO

Picture: Turo

It is pulled by a 335-hp, 400-cubic-inch V8, but who cares because this car is all about style. The interior is festooned in a frankly ridiculous number of dials, switches, gauges, and keyboards, plus hiding panels in the rear seat.

Return of Xander Cage Pontiac GTO

Picture: Turo

But then there is the exterior. Oh, the exterior.

The door handles are shaved to be flat to the car, the roof has been removed, the hood scoop features two little flamethrower nozzles, the two principal headlights have been replaced with what I am guessing is either some variety of air intake or what may just as easily be machine gun holes.

Return of Xander Cage Pontiac GTO

Picture: Turo

In any case, this truly unique GTO is available for rent for $999 per day with 100 miles included, although you have to be 30 or older to rent it.

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