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On National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, Honda Confirms 2016 Launch of Clarity FCV

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The next-generation of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan was showcased at this year’s New York Auto Show alongside the new Civic Hatchback

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan on display at the New York Auto Show

You probably didn’t get the day off work for it, but today is actually National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day.

The holiday, which you can learn more about at, was designed to raise awareness of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies which can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while increasing the nation’s energy security. And although you might not be celebrating it, Honda sure is.

Today Honda put out a press release confirming that it the company will introduce its new 5-passenger, hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan by the end of 2016. The $60,000 FCV’s launch will begin with retail leasing to customers in select California markets that include LA, Orange County, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

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The Clarity Fuel Cell takes only three to five minutes to refuel, and has zero emissions.

Last year, the US Senate provided official recognition of October 8th as National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day (and people say that congress never gets anything done!) The date was chosen in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen, which is 1.008 (10/08).

“Honda believes that hydrogen can play a critical role in addressing global climate change and accelerating progress toward a more sustainable, ultra low-carbon mobility future,” said Steve Center, vice president of American Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office. “We are excited to deliver the all-new zero-emissions Clarity Fuel Cell, a spacious 5-passenger fuel cell sedan with the range and refueling time of a conventional car.  The Clarity can meet customer needs for performance, safety and advanced telematics, while addressing society’s environmental and energy concerns.”

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