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On Top of Everything, Uber Gets Booted From Israel

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Oh, Uber. You are having so, so many problems. However, for a change, this particular one isn’t caused by your own horrible actions (kind of)!

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This time, Uber has been banned from operating its ridesharing business by a judge in Tel Aviv, issuing an injunction that will force the company to cease its operations in Israel by 10am on Wednesday.

This is a bit of a small kick to Uber, as the company’s presence in Israel has so far been limited to Tel Aviv, where it initially launched a service called UberNight, allowing people to find drivers during the night and charging them for their share of the trip, which was eventually expanded to the daytime with the aptly named UberDay. The hope was that the limited services could eventually be spun into offering the company’s full launch in the country.

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However, as with elsewhere, the taxi industry doesn’t like it. Competing services under the umbrella of the Taxi Driver Association brought a legal suit against Uber, eventually leading to the injunction, as has the country’s Transportation Ministry, because current regulations forbid taking money from a passenger unless you are driving a taxi.

The injunction, though, was specifically caused by insurance—the judge concluded that, since Uber drivers don’t carry insurance to cover their passengers, it would not be allowed to operate (although Uber’s service for hailing a taxi is allowed to continue). On the other hand, though, the judge also chided the taxi services, telling them, “You can’t stop progress. We’ve moved from the horse and wagon and we’re moving forward.”

In response to the injunction, Uber said that it would comply with Israeli authorities, with the hope that it can eventually reach some sort of agreement to allow it to continue in the country.

News Source: Haaretz