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OnStar 4G LTE Is Favorable with 98% of Customers

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OnStar 4G LTE Is Favorable with 98% of Customers

OnStar 4G LTE Is Favorable with 98% of Customers ©GM

General Motors is in the midst of a gigantic new technology product launch: its Onstar 4G LTE service that you’ve undoubtedly heard about a million times this year. Sometimes, too much marketing is overkill, but in this instance, it seems to have done the job just nicely, as a whopping 98 percent of customers who have purchased the Onstar 4G LTE-equipped vehicles have activated the three-month/three-gigabyte trial period, reported Mary Chan, GM global connected consumer president, to CNET.

“It’s a scary high acceptance rate for the trials,” Chan explained. The real challenge, however, will be getting enough customers to opt to keep the service (i.e. pay for it) once their three-month/three-gigabyte trial is up. It’s too early to tell yet if customers will embrace the technology enough to pay for it, but the high percentage of users is already encouraging.

Chan believes the fact that up to seven devices can by synced at once will justify the service, and that the daily pass or block of data options will make the service more convenient to specific needs of drivers and passengers.

You can read up on the OnStar 4G LTE capabilities here.