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OnStar Calls on the Upswing from Spanish-Speaking Chevy Owners

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Chevrolet OnStar Spanish-speaking drivers

Contrary to what your aunt thinks—you know, the aunt who takes every opportunity at family gatherings to remind anyone who will listen that America is an English-speaking country of people who speak English and that is therefore unfair that she should have to press a button at the ATM or something—America is a country of many languages. Spanish is likely the second most widely used language in America, and the number of Spanish-speaking citizens is liable to increase in the years ahead.

Chevrolet offers some evidence of the prevalence of the Spanish language in the United States in forecasting that more Spanish-speaking Chevrolet owners are expected to make calls to OnStar advisors in 2017 than in any other year in history. The brand estimated that 25,000 owners are directed to Spanish-speaking OnStar advisors when they press the blue buttons in their Chevrolets.

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“We understand that not all Chevrolet owners speak English fluently or at all, but we didn’t want that to be an obstacle in providing them with the same service we offer all OnStar customers,” said Terry Inch, executive director of GM’s Global Connected Customer Experience. “As a result, OnStar has a dedicated team of advisors who can help Spanish-speaking customers keep safe, connected, and ready for the road ahead.”

Chevrolet OnStar Spanish-speaking drivers

An understanding that not everyone in the country professing to be the biggest melting pot in the world speaks a uniform language? And that offering services in other, oft-spoken languages is a simple enough courtesy to provide? Chevrolet could really teach your aunt a thing or two.

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