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OnStar Expands to Brazil on New Chevy Cruze

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Chevrolet OnStar is launching in Brazil

Chevrolet announced today that OnStar will be taking its talents to Brazil later this year, when it debuts in the country on the new Chevy Cruze.

In the past 19 years, OnStar has racked up 7 million subscribers worldwide, to become the leading global provider of connected safety and security solutions, advanced information technology, and value-added mobility services in the automotive industry.

OnStar already has a presence in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and China, so its entrance into the South American market represents another step towards complete world domination.

Brazilians got their first taste of the restyled Cruze last November, when it launched at the São Paulo International Auto Show. The Cruze is available to Brazilian car buyers in both the sedan and the Sport6 version.

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“OnStar offers Cruze owners a new level of connectivity, safety and property security in the Brazilian automotive market,” said GM do Brasil president Santiago Chamorro. “OnStar technology, combined with the updated look and feel of the redesigned Cruze, brings to life what Finding New Roads is all about in Brazil.”

OnStar services include security services, to help recover stolen vehicles; emergency services, which provide automatic crash response and 24/7 access to advisors; connectivity, in the form of a smartphone app that enables remote functions like locating one’s vehicle; and navigation.

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