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Opel CEO Confirms That Grandland X Has Headlights

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Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann Twitter

Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann has the distinction of being the first CEO of a major European automaker to join Twitter, and will celebrate his fourth year on the social media platform this coming July 31st. While we’re here: Happy Early 4th Twitterversary, Dr. KT!

When it comes to Twitter, the Ol’ Doctor just keeps on delivering the goods, even after all of this time. Neumann this week ended a rare four-day drought where nary a tweet was issued by delivering a special first look at Opel’s upcoming Grandland X crossover. Kind of. Sort of.

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A rough translation for you non-Deutschländers: “Have today #Opel plant my new videocast to #Grand Country rotated X. Stay tuned!”

Two things:

  • Is that really the best that Google Translate can do? Bing’s is at least more cogent, reading: “Shot today in the #Opel plant my new videocast to the #Grandland X. Stay tuned!” Brass tacks: it basically says that Neumann is working on a video for his YouTube videocast that will introduce the new Grandland X.
  • The dude has been on Twitter for almost four years now and still puts spaces in his hashtags? C’mon now. That’s like Twitter 101, KTN.

So, given the teaser image, what can we glean about the Grandland X? It’s got headlights, for certain, which is nice. It also can seat two people if the silhouettes in the driver’s and front passenger seat are any indication. Also, it fits comfortably inside a giant facility, so you know it’s spacious.

As of press time, Dr. Neumann’s tweet has between retweeted 10 times and hearted 39 times. It has one response, issued by Joscha Hirschfeld (thanks for the translation, Bing!): “@KT_Neumann When will it be released? ?”.

Well, Joscha, you gotta stay tuned!

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