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Opel CEO Has 10,000 LinkedIn Followers, Unlike Poor Unemployable Me

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Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann joins XING

If you’re like me, your LinkedIn account isn’t particularly remarkable. I have a mere 128 connections, and just a handful of endorsements for my various “Top Skills.” Only one person endorsed me for my ability to use “Twitter,” and I’m pretty sure he was doing it sarcastically.

And I’ve been on LinkedIn for over two years, having joined shortly after I graduated college and realized, “Oh, crap, I’m supposed to get a job now.”

So it’s pretty embarrassing that Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann only joined LinkedIn six months ago, and he already has a whopping 10,000 followers. That’s an average of 55 new followers per day! I can’t even get half that many LinkedIn users to endorse me for being good at “Writing,” and that’s all I’ve been doing for years!

Then again, I’m not the “digital CEO,” as Dr. Neumann is known. He’s had an active Twitter presence for three years, and now gives regular insights into auto industry trends as a member of the exclusive LinkedIn Influencer program.

“The great response shows me how important it is to be present in the digital arena. The various channels give me the opportunity of reaching out to numerous people that I would normally have difficulty getting in touch with,” Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann said in a press release. “LinkedIn plays a key role for Opel. The biggest professional network in the world with more than 400 million members is the ideal platform for me to present our company as an attractive and approachable employer.”

Well, if any of Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann’s 10k fans feel like spreading the love, I could use a few more connections on my account.

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