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Opel CEO Presents Francis With Ampera-e Popelmobile

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Pope Francis poses with Opel Ampera-e and Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann at Vatican

If you saw the recent photos of Pope Francis scowling his way through a meet-and-greet with President Trump, you may have worried that his Holiness was in a real dark place right now. Trust us when we say, we were also genuinely concerned that one of the most benevolent and understanding popes of our time was looking extra sad. Fortunately, we now have confirmation, via the photo above, that the Pope can still smile.

The Pope was all smiles when meeting with Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann during the “Laudato Sì: the Sustainability of Communication and Innovation” conference. It was during this conference that Neumann gifted Pope Francis the keys to a brand new Opel Ampera-e—a new “Popelmobile,” if you will (though I don’t blame you if you won’t).

Pope Francis is attempting to make Vatican City the first C02-free country in the world, and the Opel EV was given to help his Holiness achieve that aim.

“We are proud that we as Opel can contribute to the ambitious goals of the Vatican City. Our new Ampera-e will make electric mobility feasible for everyday use without any compromises,” Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann said.

The Laudato Sì conference brought together representatives of institutions, entrepreneurs, experts, and opinion leaders, for the purpose of addressing key environmental sustainability issues, including questions about future mobility. During the conference, the Vatican, Opel, and Italian energy company Enel pledged to work on a sustainable mobility program for the city state.