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Opel GT Concept Inspires Russian Instagram Artist katia_mi

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Opel GT Concept

Opel stole the show earlier this spring at the 86th annual Geneva International Motor Show, when the European automaker debuted its futuristic new concept. Voted “Car of the Show” by Car Design News, the Opel GT Concept was certainly a funky vehicle.

But was it more than just that? Was it—dare I say—art?

The shapely sports car is “avant-garde yet puristic, [and] renounces everything that disturbs from the pure form”—or at least, that’s how the art majors over at Opel have described it. Our own (perhaps less poetic) writers described it as a “weird thing on wheels.”

Love it or hate it, the Opel GT Concept is certainly unique. So much so that it caught the eye of Ekaterina Mishchenkova (better known by her Instagram handle, @katia_mi), art director and member of “The Russian Union of Art Photographers.”

katia_mi has a large social media following on Instagram, where she posts artistic images that are often depicted in black and white with red accents. So it’s not surprising that the similarly-colored Opel GT Concept became her next muse, inspiring Instagram posts like this:

The futuristic Opel GT Concept has inspired art and photographs from Russian Instagram star @katia_mi

“Imagine that your car is free from the usual buttons and switches,” katia_mi wrote when posting this. “Like many of you, I also believed that this is more fantasy than reality before I met Opel GT Concept!”

Another image, in which katia_mi poses with the car as if it is a pair of binoculars, symbolizes the forward-thinking nature of Opel:

The futuristic Opel GT Concept has inspired art and photographs from Russian Instagram star @katia_mi

“The look into the future,” katia_mi wrote when describing the image to her roughly half a million Instagram followers. “It’s so amazing when you find out that so many innovative design and technical solutions can be implemented in one single car like the Opel GT Concept! The Opel GT Concept has turned out daring, with its own uncompromising character!”

katia_mi also created this sexy, seemingly Strokes-inspired artwork featuring the show car:

The futuristic Opel GT Concept has inspired art and photographs from Russian Instagram star @katia_mi

Commenting on the above image, katia_mi wrote that the Opel GT Concept reminded her of “the elements of earth—like the wind, like something very free and courageous, assertive and masculine.”

More images featuring the Opel GT Concept can be found on the artist’s Instagram profile.

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