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Opel: Here Are Some Good Dogs, and Also Cars

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Opel Zafira and puppies

Opel would like any and all prospective customers to know that it loves dogs. If you have ever been misled or made to believe that automotive brand Opel has ever maintained anything but a hardline stance on its love for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of fluffiness, then it has a whole bunch of pictures to convince you otherwise.

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Just look at that picture up there at the top. That’s seven—SEVEN—tiny Golden Retrievers standing pillar-to-floof-to-floof-to-floof-to-floof-to-floof-to-floof-to-floof-to-pillar in the back of an Opel Zafira. Clearly, only an automotive brand that really, truly loves puppies would gather seven tiny dogs for one photo. Think about it: do you know just how hard it is to get seven dogs together for a photograph like that?

Just look at the little one on the far left: he or she is just sitting there thinking “okay, I could totally jump out of this thing that I don’t comprehend because I am a dog,and then land in the soft, soft grass, which I also don’t comprehend but enjoy quite a bit better because it is full of bugs that I can chase and things that I can roll around on.”

It took time, patience, and effort to make this photo happen. So appreciate it.

two dogs, one Opel Astra Sports Tourer

Look at this one, which is just two dogs hanging out in the back of an Opel Astra Sports Tour. There’s a dynamic between these two dogs that you may not see at first. The one on the left? Totally a good boy or good girl, always obedient, rarely ever causes any rows. And on the right? Also a good boy or girl, but probably a real handful in a lot of ways. This one’s maybe a digger or a burrower, prone to marking territory and loudly arguing with neighborhood dogs at odd hours of the night. Together? It’s a real recipe for mischief, and probably great material for a TV pilot.

So, you might be wondering what exactly Opel had to see in the press release that accompanied these photos. Well, let’s summarize:

  • The Opel Astra Sports Tourer, Zafira, and Insignia Sports Tourer are great for dogs
  • So are the Opel Combo and Vivaro, especially if you got you a big ol’ dog
  • Keep pets in the luggage area of a vehicle during long road trips, and, if possible, invest in accessories like a dog safety-guard, nets, or poles
  • Conveniently, Opel makes a dog safety-guard (€226), FlexOrganizer® nets (€85), and FlexRail® poles (€99.90)
  • Also, fancy puddle-proof trunk liners (€53.50)
  • Don’t be a dummy and leave you dog in a hot car
  • Opel is great
  • Dogs are great

In conclusion, here are more dogs in Opel cars.

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Photos: Riding in Opels with Dogs

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