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Opel OnStar Ads Feature Cute Dogs and Hot Dads

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Dog from Opel OnStar commercial

Pictured: one of the cute dogs, not one of the hot dads

General Motors is launching OnStar services for its Opel-branded products, and to help make its adoring public in Europe well aware of what it can expect from OnStar, it has launched a new advertising campaign.

There are five new 30-second advertisements accompanying the launch of Opel OnStar, all of which have already hit the internet for social sharing purposes. Print ads will begin appearing in publications starting October 30th, and the ads will begin appearing on television across Europe starting on October 10th.

“Opel OnStar is not just the product of an engineer’s phantasy but a new kind of luxury that can save lives. The system offers a host of services and functions that individually address different target and age groups,” says Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller. “Our advertising campaign is designed to spotlight the needs of these different customers, making it one-of-a-kind in its diversity.”

Video: Cool Car? Has it Got Wi-Fi?

This first ad features a silver fox getting into his car while a young boy asks him if his cool car has Wi-Fi. The young boy asks the silver fox if he just couldn’t afford an Opel like his dad, an equally handsome man who springs up to whisk him away.

Video: Opel OnStar Can Save Lives!

This ad plays up the usefulness of automatic crash response after a couple swerves to avoid a deer grazing in the middle of the road. When the woman asks her significant other whose voice she is hearing, the man coyly says that it’s their guardian angel.

Video: Puppy Love Now Goes Digital!

An Opel ADAM, an Opel Corsa, and two absolutely adorable puppies. Can’t ask for more than that! Here, one small dog uses the Opel OnStar smartphone app to save another dog who has been locked in the Corsa by their owner, who clearly hasn’t paid attention to all of the signs that say you shouldn’t ever lock your dog in a car.

Video: Dad Special–How To Ruin Your Daughter’s Date?

Oh, dad! Would you please stop showing those businessmen the smartphone app while my boyfriend and I try to make out a few countries away? Seriously, dad. You are such a buzzkill.

Video: Bully vs. #OpelOnStar Wi-Fi 0:1?

Hey, it’s snarky kid and hot dad again! This time, snarky kid responds to a “bully” who is menacing him by asking what his dad has in his car. The answer, of course, is Wi-Fi. Hot dad is way better than buzzkill dad.