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Organize Your Garage with Bucket Sorting System

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Tackling the clutter in your garage has probably been on your to-do list for awhile now. It didn’t make the cut during your spring cleaning and summer blew by in a blink. Now that fall has fallen and winter is close behind, you’re probably worried that if you don’t clean the garage out now, you’ll spend a lot of time on cold mornings defrosting your car or scraping ice off the windshield, which is never a good way to start the day.

It’s completely understandable that you’re busy and the idea of cleaning out your garage is not exactly how you want to spend your weekend, but there is a system that can help you sort, purge, and organize your garage so cold weather-mornings will have zero effect on your safe-inside-the-garage car.

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According to writer Lee Wallender, by grabbing six buckets or containers, you can sensibly sort through your stuff into six specific categories: sell, donate, freebies, discard, keep: house and yard, keep: garage.

If you have quality items that you just don’t want or need anymore, Wallender advises you to sell them or donate them to a worthy cause.

“Help people by donating unused but desirable items to your local thrift store or Habitat for Humanity ReStore,” advises Wallender.  “To avoid dumping your unwanted junk on volunteer or low-paid staff, phone in advance to see if the items will be accepted.”

If you don’t have time to coordinate a sale or a trip to your local thrift store, Wallender suggests using Craiglist’s free section, which he reports is a “sure-fire way to get rid of unwanted possessions quickly.”

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Items that are broken, damaged, and constitute as garbage should be disposed of properly after dissecting them of any recyclable parts, according to Wallender.

Some things that end up in the garage don’t actually belong there according to Wallender, who recommends removing and storing elsewhere,  items such as volatile liquids, gasoline, paint, ancient magnetic recordings, food, clothes, paperwork, and photos.

Now that you’ve sorted, purged, and organized, Wallender says it’s time to put back the things that rightfully belong in your garage.

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