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Pakistani Man Uses Car to Steal Veal, Is Charged with Mooving Violation

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Packistani man steals cow in car

There’s a commonly-held belief that cows can walk upstairs, but are stuck once they get up there, because they are physically incapable of walking back down.

This is, in fact, a myth—there is video evidence which proves that cows can walk downstairs; they just don’t do it particularly gracefully or enthusiastically.

In fact, cows are flexible and accommodating enough to not only travel up and down stairs, but are also apparently willing to climb into the cramped backseat of a midsize sedan. The photographic evidence proving cows can ride in cars comes to us from Islamabad, Pakistan, where a man reportedly attempted to steal a cow and calf by simply loading them into his vehicle and driving off.

Take a look:

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The Daily Pakistan reports that the daring dairy heist was uncovered by Motorway Police earlier this week, and involved two cows—a full-size adult in the backseat, and a calf tucked into the trunk.

Although the brazen veal-steal may seem udderly preposterous, the thief was at least responsible enough to not let the cow steer the vehicle.

According to reports, the man was charged with a moo-ving violation. He probably thought that his arrest was total BS.

Alright, I think I’ve milked this story for all of the cow puns that I can…

Wait, I think I might have one zinger: maybe the guy was just trying to upgrade to a leather interior!

Get it?! Eh?

Okay, I’ll see myself out…

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News Source: The Daily Pakistan 

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