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Paris to Ban Cars in City Center for La Journeé Sans Voiture

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Paris, usually seen as the cutting edge of fashion and haute couture, has seemed to be a little behind the times lately. For one thing, many other major cities hold open street events, where cars are temporarily banned from certain areas, turning streets into airy footpaths for the day. In addition, Paris has started to seem a little bit polluted. Thanks to outdated diesel cars and the summer’s heat, air quality had plummeted to worse than Beijing on some bad days.

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Thus, Paris has decided to hold La Journeé Sans Voiture on Sunday, September 27th from 11am to 6pm. This event would limit cars from a large segment of the city’s center, as well as the areas around the Eiffel Tower and two of Paris’ major parks (exceptions only made for emergencies).

Gizmodo has suggested that this could be a trial run for more permanent no-car zones, since Paris’ previous car control program, which would have limited cars driving every other day based on license plates, was abandoned after only one day of use.

This event also is coming about conspicuously close to the international climate talks heading to Paris in December, making the event sound somewhat like cleaning in a mad rush one hour before the guests are supposed to arrive.

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News Source: Gizmodo