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Penn and Teller Cut a 2016 Mazda CX-5 in Half in New Ad

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Penn 3

How do they do it? We’ll never know; it’s a secret!
Photo: Mazda USA

Even if you don’t know their names, you know Penn Jillette and his partner, Teller, when you see them. From their legendary Las Vegas illusion show to their numerous cameo appearances on film and television (anyone remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch?) to their own highly successful TV show, Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t!, the iconic performers have become one of the most recognizable duos in entertainment thanks to their unique blend of comedy and magic.

Mazda decided that was the perfect reason to have the two performers promote the brand’s compact crossover SUV. Instead of scrutinizing the vehicle’s design, Penn and Teller set aside their skepticism to advertise the 2016 Mazda CX-5 in a new commercial.

We especially enjoyed Teller’s unexpected rant halfway through. Don’t believe us? Watch the commercial yourself:


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Penn and Teller Joke Around with a CX-5

Penn 2

It takes a lot of strength–and humor–to saw through a Mazda
Photo: Mazda USA

In its latest “game-changers” commercial, Mazda puts Penn and Teller’s antics to use promoting the newest CX-5.

In the 30-second spot, Penn and Teller walk onto the stage of another, traditional pair of magicians, drape a fabric cover over them, and yank away the cloth to reveal the CX-5. The duo then proceeds to saw the vehicle in half (through pantomime), before revealing the vehicle cleanly cut down the middle. It’s magic!

Penn 4

If only rear view mirrors could take selfies…
Photo: Mazda USA

The commercial compares the innovative performance of Penn and Teller—merging comedy with magic—to the merging of the refined style and technology with unexpected performance of the CUV. It’s fairly clever connection, and the ad is admittedly memorable–most due to Penn and Teller’s fun personalities.

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