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People are Still Working on Flying Cars

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flying car cartoonThe new cutting-edge technology that everyone in the auto industry wants to talk about is self-driving cars. Not going to lie, we all are probably looking forward to the day when we can text, eat, read, and otherwise be distracted behind the wheel and still make it to our destinations safely. As someone who has a hard time staying awake on long drives, I will be first in line for an autonomous car once they have been fully tested.

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While we have all been distracted by autonomous developments from automakers like Nissan, it seems as if some companies have been working hard to give us the car of the future we all dreamed of as a child. That’s right: I’m talking about flying cars. Fox News recently ran a special feature on these companies that are ready to take on the skies, and while there are more than a couple of them, most of them are far away from having a car ready for the market. Many of the vehicles are also ready for the skies, but not as prepared to cruise on the nation’s roadways.

Companies like AeroMobil and Terrafugia are building planes with wings that tuck away to allow the plane to drive along roads and park in standard parking spaces. Other operations, such as Aurbus, Lilium Aviation, and EHang are turning instead to focus on personal aircraft that can travel relatively short distances compared to commercial jets. These small planes, many of them drones or operated by remote operators, could help lessen traffic on highways for trips about 200 miles away and make the journey much shorter, which is what we really want out of the traditional flying car concepts anyway.

While flying cars once seemed very attractive, are they really worth it anymore with the advent of self-driving cars? Would these cars and drones even be affordable for the common man? Time will tell if any of these projects actually make it to market.

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News Source: Fox News