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People Still Using Uber Need to Change Their Passwords Now

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Many users have decided to delete their Uber accounts

Poor Uber, 2017 has just not been its year so far.* From the #DeleteUber movement after the company tried to take advantage of a NYC taxi work stoppage to protest Trump’s immigration ban, to revelations that Uber is not a safe place to work if you are a woman, the company has been the target of hate and derision for the past two months. Now there’s a new black mark on their reputation, as the company that hosts Uber, Cloudflare, has been hacked.

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That’s right, if you still happen to have Uber on your phone, you need to change your password to protect your account from someone possibly trying to use it. We would also recommend monitoring any payment methods tied to Uber for suspicious activity to be on the safe side. Cloudflare and Uber have been quick to say that there is no sign of hackers exploiting the personal information they have collected, but do you really want to take the chance that it will never be used? It’s better to be safe than sorry in the world we live in anymore.

Even if you have deleted the Uber app and your account, we at The News Wheel would still recommend a healthy sense of caution and monitoring of credit cards and PayPal accounts. According to Reuters, the leak could have been active as far back as September 22nd of last year, but Couldflare suspects the most activity by the hackers responsible was from February 13th to when it was caught on February 18th.

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If you are still an Uber customer, perhaps this will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back and makes you switch to Lyft. Of course, if Lyft does not have a big presence in your area, there are always traditional taxis.

*Editor’s Note: This is sarcasm

News Source: Reuters