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What is Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

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Learn more about the personal injury insurance option and how it can protect your family.

What is personal injury protection coverage?

What is personal injury protection coverage?

No matter how safely you navigate the roads, you can’t always depend on other drivers to be so cautious. Here are The News Wheel, we want to help you to understand all of your options when it comes to auto insurance.

What is personal injury protection coverage?

Personal injury protection (PIP) is a supplement to a driver’s health insurance and covers expenses related to injuries sustained in an accident. Expenses that can be covered include the insured driver and passengers’ medical and hospital bills not covered by health insurance, income continuation, loss of services, funeral expenses, travel expenses, and child-care expenses.

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Personal injury protection is sometimes referred to as “no-fault” coverage, because it is designed to cover expenses regardless of fault or legal liability, and premiums should never increase after a claim is submitted.

Is personal injury protection coverage required?

Some states do require all drivers to have personal injury protection coverage. If you live in one of these states, check with your insurance company to find out what the minimum coverage is. If your state does not mandate coverage, consider reviewing your current car insurance policy and health insurance coverage. If you have good coverage through these policies, you may not need personal injury protection coverage. If your policies are lacking coverage, you should consider supplementing with personal injury protection coverage.

Hospital bills and other expenses related to injury can add up quickly. Make sure you and your passengers are covered in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Here is Emmanuel Osuyah, certified insurance counselor, to explain personal injury protection in-depth:

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