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Photo Finish: 1947 Ford Sedan Delivery

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An antique Ford Sedan Delivery restored to a beautiful shine.

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery Logo

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery Logo

History of the Sedan Delivery

A ‘sedan delivery’ is a kind of sedan/cargo van contraption used back before the cargo van had been invented.They hauled everything from plumbing tools to dead bodies (note the lingering influence on modern hearses), and sometimes even featured just one seat to allow more room for getting the job done.

Delivery sedans were popular from the 1920’s all the way up into the 60’s, and eventually morphed into the modern station wagon we all know and love. As vans replaced them, delivery sedans went out of fashion and the concept became impractical. Compact ‘sedan deliveries’ were later created by Ford and Chevy in the ’70’s; that’s the Pinto and Vega respectively. These are better known today as ‘hatchbacks’.

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery interior

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery interior

Since sedan deliveries are practically extinct in today’s production model lineup, these cars are hotly sought after by collectors. They were used for hauling, though, so restoration of these beauties can require extensive work. If you see a wonderfully restored sedan delivery like this one, be sure to stop and snap a few photos. This particular 1947 Ford Sedan Delivery was spotted at an auto show in Beavercreek, Ohio, and is owned by Dave H. It is a fine specimen, with meticulous restoration inside and out.

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery Hatch

Immaculately restored Ford Sedan Delivery cargo area and door.

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery Wheel

Ford Sedan Delivery Wheel. Yep, that’s me crouching to get the photo.

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery

Ford Sedan Delivery Grille

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Photos by Rain Blanken-Turner

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