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[PHOTOS] BMW Exhibits “Precision & Poetry” in Avant-Garde Milan Sculpture

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Because of the level of innovation, vision, and prestige surrounding the Milan Furniture Fair, also known as Salone del Mobile, many automakers use this week-long event as a chance to build their brand. Being the largest trade fair of its kind in the world, Milan Design Week typically welcomes a number of automotive design teams presenting their visions in unorthodox ways.

BMW is contributing its own installation art piece entitled “Spheres. Perspectives in Precision & Poetry for BMW designed by Alfredo Häberli.” This unusual but ingenious construction reflects on the future of mobility at a conceptual level.

BMW’s “Spheres” Installation at Milan Is Conceptual Yet Concrete

Spheres Precision & Poetry BMW Häberli Milan Design Week (19)

“Spheres” began as the speculative sketches of Alfredo Häberli, who eventually partnered with the BMW Design Team (headed by Karim Habib and Martina Starke) to produce his vision as a large-scale model. The installation was based on the BMW Design theme of “Precision & Poetry,” and its focus–which is divided into four thematic elements (Spheres, Dwell, Couch, and Vessel)–is a wooden ribbed model that measures 30 feet in length by 12 feet in height.

“Through the abstract sculpture of a vehicle that projects the luxurious gliding of a sedan in the future, my vision becomes three-dimensional,” stated Häberli.

It took Häberli a full six months to conceive of, design, and build this installation, which includes multiple sculptures, such as his “Take a Line for a Walk” seats designed by Häberli to complement the theme of the future of transportation. The artist uses automotive design tools to crate new geometrical shapes to explore high-tech types of luxury, ones dependent on space and time. His search for new forms of motion in forward-looking mobility scenarios is meant to inspire conversation and speculation.

“I always enjoy philosophising with Alfredo on design and mobility, and I’m delighted to see these ideas now taking shape in an installation as well,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.

“Spheres” will be on display in Milan from April 14th through 19th. See footage of its creation in the gallery below.

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