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Photos of New BMW X4 M40i Leak

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BMW X4 M40i

The Los Angeles Auto Show is scheduled for November 20th-29th this year. Brands from all around the world will appear at the event that precedes the heavier Auto Show season in the first part of the new year. Unfortunately, BMW’s thunder has been stolen thanks to a leak that showed the world the BMW X4 M40i almost two months ahead of schedule.

Leak or no leak, the car looks fabulous. Building off of the BMW X4 xDrive35i, it is reported this new model will reach 62 mph in less than 5 seconds. The BMW X4 M40i will supposedly be equipped with a 3.0-liter engine and have updated Sport seats.

The vehicle looks slightly different than the average M model because of the modifications needed to help the vehicle perform better. The team at AutoBlog thinks that the BMW X4 M40i will fall somewhere between the standard BMW lineup and the full-fledged M vehicles that are renowned the world over for their speed and handling.

When more information about the BMW X4 M40i is released closer to its reveal date, we’ll be sure to help fill in the blanks. Hopefully they will also bring the updated BMW X1 that turned heads at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: AutoBlog